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Community Supported Agriculture

The BEST way to support our small farm is by signing up for one of our CSA

A CSA is an amazing investment in our small local farm!!!

The CSA subscription is designed to give small farms like ours the early season capital they need to get started, and also giving the community a vested interest in the growth and success of that farm. 


Your CSA investment helps us build, plant, and produce enough to meet market demands, reduce the waste and spoilage of overproducing, and reduces environmental impact! Our CSA members are considered VIPs, they have their own DELUXE pick up location at our farm stand, never have to wait in line, and are guaranteed all of the most popular items. CSA Members always have free access to all of our farm tours and events, so you are able to see exactly where your investment makes a difference as our farm grows!

If you want to invest in our farm and become a VIP please sign up for one of our 3 amazing CSA’s!!!

Our CSA boxes are ready for pick up on Saturdays anytime after 8am!

The Farm stand is open 8am to 4pm, 7 days a week!!!!

Early signup is recommended as the number of CSA spaces are limited and fill up fast!!!

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