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Farm Goals


It is our goal to continue building on our sustainable farming practices to produce enough food for our local community, without sacrificing animal health or welfare. Improving our soil quality, strengthening root systems, lowering overall costs, and supporting our local ecconomy.


Reduce waste and limit use of fossil fuels

Reducing and eliminating single use plastics from farm purchaces, and eliminating them wherever possible from our products. It is our goal to be a zero waste farm, which we are moving towards by buying our feed locally, and by selling locally we are reducing our fossil fuel consumption. We are moving closer, but are always striving to improve!

Support Local Economy

We want to stay a well rounded farm, that is  integrated in the local ecconomy. With our partner farms and friends we hope to bring attention to the growing agricultural sector in our region. It is important that our customers know that the dollars they spend stays in the local economy. Supporting our local suppliers and producers keeps our small businesses growing, and benifits the entire community.

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