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Forrest Farm Sheep & Goat Cheese Creamery

We are a diverse, first-generation, 8-acre farm and micro-dairy that is focused on regenerative agricultural practices. While we are first and foremost a sheep and goat dairy, everything on our farm is interconnected. All aspects of the farm complement each other and are working together by design. We work hard to make use of our by-products... everything from using the whey from cheesemaking to feed our pigs, to composting all the bedding from the sheep and goat barns to create rich healthy soil for our garden. All of the care and effort can be seen in the quality of our products.

If you live in the area and want to support our farm the best thing you can do for us is to sign up for one of our CSA's. If you're passing through, then be sure to do some shopping at our farm stand, and for those who don't live locally we have a wonderful line of natural goat milk soap and beeswax self care products that can be purchased on line and shipped anywhere!  

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It is our goal to continue building on our sustainable farming practices to produce quality food for our local community, without sacrificing animal health or welfare. Improving our soil quality, strengthening root systems,  and supporting our local economy.


Reduce waste and limit use of fossil fuels

We are committed to reducing waste and limiting our use of fossil fuels in every way we can. Our efforts include selling local to reduce transportation emissions and avoiding the use of single-use plastics in our product packaging. We also adopt a sustainable approach to agriculture by using small hand tools in a no-till garden. It is our goal to provide nutritious, fresh produce for our community while minimizing our environmental impact.

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Support Local Economy

 We are dedicated to supporting our local economy. As a small business, we believe that it is important to buy locally and sell directly to our local community first. By doing this, we are able to draw in surrounding communities to our lovely town and its small businesses. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products that are made right Here on our farm and full of flavor. 

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