Easy Oven Poached Forrest Farm Quail Eggs

Forrest Farm Quail Eggs

I would like to share with you a fast and easy way to cook quail eggs in a mini muffin tin. I picked up this mini muffin tin for about $3. It holds 12 Forrest Farm Quail Eggs perfectly. All you have to do is grease each tin and crack one Forrest Farm Quail Egg into each tin. Then put your mini muffin tin in a slightly bigger casserole pan or what ever you have on hand. Put some hot water in the bottom of the casserole dish. Cover with tin foil or use the lid if it has one to create a steam affect. Then put it in the oven at 350 degrees for 3 minutes, or less for softer eggs. Then serve however you like, let your creativity take over. Quail Eggs are a beautiful, healthy and delicious snack, breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Try some today!

Forrest Farm Quail Eggs on Avocado Toast
Forrest Farm Quail Eggs on Avocado Toast with Sweet Pepper and Lime
Forrest Farm Quail Eggs with Avocado and Peppers

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