Meet The Forrests

Forrest Farm is a beautiful 8 acre farm located in friendly Salmo, BC. The farm was originally an old Doukhobor homestead and pasture that had gone unused for many years. Since Ewan and Amanda purchased the property in 2014, they have been working diligently to bring new life to the already fertile land. With no family history in farming, a passion for the environment and love for animals led them to this challenging new adventure.

On the farm, the philosophy is simple. Our animals will have the best life, so that we can produce the highest quality product. 

Everything on the farm is grown naturally free from pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. 

​Goat Milk Soap

Our goat milk soap is made of rich creamy raw goat milk. From our happy healthy pasture raised Nubian goats. Goat milk adds lots of moisturizing properties to the soap. We make our recipes to be very nourishing and gentle so they will not strip your skin of its natural oils. All of the color in our bars comes from a natural clay with pore cleaning abilities. We only use essential oils for fragrance and try to grow all of the herbs and botanicals we use here on the farm. To purchase our soap you can find us at local markets or by contacting directly.   


We raise a variety of hardy heritage breed chickens that lay eggs in a wide range of colors and sizes. They are pasture raised and have access to over 4 acres of our farm. They are not caged or penned in whatsoever. They have a log house for shelter where they can come and go as they please. Being able to make their own choices helps keep them happy, healthy and laying all year round. When we are not saving our eggs for hatching we sell pasture raised Duck eggs.  

Our quail are raised in a large outdoor pen where they have access to grass and are able to fly around as they please. They are Coturnix quail and lay a lovely little speckled egg. To purchase Chicken or Quail eggs you can find us at local markets.

Grass Fed Lamb & Goat, Chicken, Turkey & Pork

Our lambs & Kids are milk fed by their mothers till they are strong and a good healthy weight. Then raised on pasture till they reach market weight. We raise East Friesian dairy sheep and Icelandic Sheep as well as crosses of the two breeds as well as a mix of dairy goats. Both East Friesians, Icelandics & Dairy Goats are known for having an extended milking period and producing lots of milk this gives the lambs & kids a good head start and even provides a little extra for cheese making. Grass Fed East Friesian and Icelandic lamb produce a high quality lean meat with a mild flavour.

We raise heritage pigs for meat. We love these little compost turners. Pigs work well on our farm, we feed them the left over whey from the cheese making process and spent grain from our favourite local breweries as well as hog  grower pellets.

We raise chickens from time to time they are raised outdoors with room to roam and access to free choice feed and water all the time.  

Goose, Duck and Quail Meat

In our E licensed Abattoir we process our Forrest Farm raised Duck and Quail Meat regularly during the warmer months and do a small batch of Geese once a year.


Our sheep are purebred East Friesian, Icelandic and East Friesian/Icelandic crosses. This blend gives us adorable cold hardy sheep, that have rich creamy milk, and thick beautiful fleece. We have both hand processed wool and wool processed from a small mill. Our sheep are sheared at the farm in a very low stress environment, we love our animals and want to keep them as happy as possible.



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1244 Airport Rd 

Salmo, BC, V0G1Z0


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