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2023 12 week Early Season Subscription CSA!

12 weeks of Forrest Farm Microgreens, Meat & eggs!! Starting Febuary 11 and running to April 29
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12 weeks of Forrest Farm Microgreens & eggs!! ***Add Forrest Farm Meat if you like.

Starting Febuary 11 and running to April 29 this CSA is a perfect way to treat yourself with some fresh local micro greens and farm fresh eggs!

The winter is always a tough time to keep fresh greens on hand, so get a jump on the spring with our weekly offerings!

Each week you will get a selection of fresh micro greens, and spring veg when the growing season begins closer to April.

We are farming a variety of micro greens and each one has an amazing new flavour. From versatile standards like Pea Shoots, Buckwheat, Fava, and Radish greens, to some peppery options like Arugala! They're a great way to add some life to any meal. Sandwiches, Salads, garnishing mains, and adding to pasta or omelettes, the possibilites are everywhere! Even just eating straight as a salad!

Add in a variety of our Forrest Farm grass fed Goat & Lamb cuts, freerange Forrest Farm chicken eggs (and quail eggs when available) theres no need to worry about having fresh delicious meal options on hand.

Veggie option available upon request (12 weeks of Microgreens and Eggs $300)

This CSA is a great way to support our farm, and get guaranteed fresh and delicious food!

CSA members are what keep small farms going, and we couldn't do it without you!

Sign up now online! And as always come by the farmstand!

We are open YEAR ROUND Starting Febuary we will be open 7 days a week from 8am-4pm as a self serve farm stand!

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