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2021 CSA

Sign up for our 18 week CSA!

The best possible way to shop this summer is to have a fresh and guaranteed box of Forrest Farm Meat, Eggs, and Vegetables every week! If 2020 tought us anything its that Food security is getting more and more important! A CSA subscription is a secured weekly order that is also an investment in our farm! 

Our 2021 CSA is Starting June 12th and running till October 9th!!! 

Enjoy a mix of  Forrest FarmVegtables, Lamb/Pork/Chicken/Quail and Goat Meat every week with Free Range Chicken and Quail eggs.

Each Box will consist of approximately

  • - $25 of Field Grown Veg from Forrest Farm

  • - $35 of Forrest Farm Raised Meat

  • - $14 of Forrest Farm Chicken and Quail Eggs

Pick up Saturdays at the Farm stand from 10-3

Comunity Supported Agriculture is designed to give small farms the early season capital they need to get started while giving the community a vested intrest in the success of that farm. CSA customers make a huge difference in the early season, by giving us the initial investment for seeds, feed, grain, and infrastructure that we then turn into the highest quality meat and produce for you this summer!!! 

Signing up in advance helps take away some of the guess work associated with figuring out the  quantities we expect to produce to meet market demands. It also lets us reduce the risk of overproducing and eliminating any possible waste.

Benifits of Signing Up

- Ever week you get a guaranteed CSA order of delicious Forrest Farm fresh Meat, Eggs & Vegtables. CSA customers are our priority, and orders are always filled first with no risk of selling out!!!

- All CSA members get first chance at limited edition products, and Express pickup means no waiting in line!

- CSA members are a part of our farm! Picking up weekly allows you to see exactly where your money goes! Throughout the season you actually get to watch the growth and development of our farm, and see the result of all this hard work!!!

Signing up Early is recomended as spaces are limited